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Mounir Saeed

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Mounir Saeed born in 1987, his physical background was in the football field (as a goal keeper), Saeed considered as one of the new generation of contemporary dance in Egypt, Started in 2007 as a actor and work with two theater groups. In 2008 Saeed Joined the Cairo contemporary dance workshop program (CCDWP) in 4 years organized by Laurence Rondoni and Studio Emad Eddin. Saeed made his first dance performance in 2009 “The game”, performed in Modern dance festival in Cairo. During and after the 4 years program, Saeed participated as a dance with many performances and festivals in Egypt and abroad, he traveled to gain experience as a dance and choreographer. Saeed creating his music to his performances and singing as well also with other choreographers in Egypt and abroad.

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